Switzerland, like many other countries, has become increasingly susceptible to seasonal and regional water scarcity. This consequence of climate change is most likely to occur in summer as discharge rates decline and demand for water peaks. For our clients, we take a comprehensive approach to analyzing the problem to arrive at solutions that enable them to avoid shortages in their water supply and reconcile their need to both protect the aquatic environment and make use of water resources.

Our project teams offer expertise in engineering, natural science, public institutions, regulatory affairs, and economics.

Water scarcity and countermeasure analyses

Our services include:

  • Assessing whether and where steps need to be taken to address water scarcity
  • Drafting of regional water-use concepts and procedures in water planning
  • Estimating current and future water demand for agriculture (especially for irrigation), industry, and snowmaking
  • Estimating the demand for water storage and distribution infrastructure, and planning the same
  • Identifying the water-use data required as a basis for planning and compliance monitoring, as well as providing support for the drafting of new regulations
  • Developing strategies and specific measures to manage water scarcity and address shortages
  • Assessing how regional discharge rates are likely to shift as a result of climate change and drought susceptibility
  • Analyzing the availability of surface and groundwater in a region
  • Drafting of studies and assessments of the state of aquatic ecosystems and habitats
  • Ascertaining the services provided by aquatic ecosystems and their resilience as a basis for identifying measures for optimization

We bring our experience with integrated water management to bear wherever conflicts arise between our need to use water resources and our need to protect the aquatic environment.