Water is the basis of all life. If there is a shortage of water, or if it is of insufficient quality, then essential cycles break down for humans as well as in nature. Despite well-established wastewater treatment processes, yet more human impacts on water and water quality as a result of our activities are constantly being discovered. We support our customers by assessing where and what kind of action is needed, and help them to find solutions.

We deal with issues of water quality and aquatic habitats: from source control measures to monitoring concepts. We think in terms of the chain of effects and record the complex effect of anthropogenic influences on the water system. Our services include:

  • Water quality studies and monitoring concepts
  • Mass balances in water systems or catchment areas
  • Studies and assessments of the aquatic ecology
  • Assessment of the ecological quality of discharge regimes and their changes resulting from climate change

We also undertake work in pioneering areas, such as:

  • Studies and evaluations of inputs of micropollutants and pesticides as well as suitable source control measures
  • Guidelines and measures for the elimination of trace substances from industry and commerce
  • Assessment of the anthropogenic effects on water temperature and their impacts on the aquatic ecology
  • Measurement of suspended particulate matter in bodies of water, and evaluation of the effects of turbidity on an aquatic ecosystem