Water resources management

Water resources management is a complex area of expertise which involves striking a delicate balance between the competing interests of exploitation of groundwater and surface waters on the one hand, and their protection on the other. The field also encompasses the issue of flood protection. Thanks to our comprehensive experience and knowledge of this sector, we are able to support the various stakeholders from a holistic perspective when it comes to the prioritization of interests, and to resolving conflicts of interest between conservation and exploitation, in an urban setting as well as on a basin level.

Depending on our client’s requirements, our project team provides engineering and scientific as well as institutional and economic expertise. The scope of our services includes

Integral river basin management: Development of mission statements, objections and strategies for dealing with groundwater and surface waters in a catchment area. Preparation of management plans or cross-sector action plans with prioritization of the proposed measures

  • Integral urban water management: integral review and planning of water demand and water cycles in urban areas; stakeholder analysis; consultancy services for institutional clients
  • Success monitoring: design of implementation and impact-oriented success monitoring measures, including appropriate indicators
  • Infrastructure management: inventorying of water infrastructure and development of value retention strategies
  • Regional water-usage plans and water distribution: regional analyses of the available water resources and water demand by various users, such as water suppliers, industry, agriculture and technical snowmaking – may be supported by a water-allocation model, depending on the level of detail required
  • Water footprint analyses: product, company or region-specific evaluation of water usage and pollution
  • Dealing with water scarcity: development of strategies and specific measures for handling water shortage situations; studies on the impacts of, and adaptations to, climate change