During the day one-fifth of the Swiss population and at night, one-sixth, is exposed to harmful or irritating road traffic noise. Other types of noise such as from trains, planes and shooting ranges, industrial or commercial noise or noise from everyday life have an impact on health and are increasingly considered to be intrusive.
We determine whether the relevant legal provisions are com-plied with and provide solutions for effective noise control.

We have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Noise calculations and assessments, prediction and presentation with the Cadna/A software
  • Noise impact assessments for new non-movable noise sources and noise certificates for noise exposed buildings
  • Noise control measures: Dimensioning and design of noise control measures
  • Noise remediation with determination of noise exposure and review of measures as well assessment of noise control measures in terms of economic feasibility and proportionality
  • Noise control consulting in invited architectural competitions, formulation of guidelines for participants, preliminary testing, assessment of noise immission, support for adjudication
  • Noise exposure registers: Determination of noise exposure and creation of Geographic Information System-based (GIS) registers for different types of noise
  • Studies and concepts that incorporate economic, legal and (psycho-) social factors