In addition to our commitment to interdisciplinary project approaches and the principle of sustainability, our approach to business and the success we achieve on behalf of our clients are based on trust, mutual esteem, teamwork, dedication and responsibility.

Open and respectful

Our enterprise culture is based on trust, esteem and our core values. We strive for lasting relationships with our clients, partners and employees, relationships that are based on common interest and mutual trust. We remain committed to a culture of open discourse and respect.

Experienced and team-oriented

Our employees are highly qualified individuals who can think beyond the scope of their disciplines and who delight in teamwork and developing sustainable solutions in an atmosphere of open discourse. This requires curiosity and continuous development. The exchange of knowledge that takes place between our younger employees and our more experienced ones is also essential to our successful project work.

Dedicated and ready to perform

We calibrate our services to the exact needs of our clients and we work in optimally assembled project teams. Our readiness to perform derives from our identification with our clients and our shared commitment to sustainable development.

Dedicated teamwork in the Boostcamp, which we hold every year to develop innovations

Locally committed and globally competent

We aim to offer our clients innovative, customized and effective solutions to help them meet the challenges of our time. In achieving this aim, we rely on our local expertise and regional ties, as well as our extensive international experience and competence. Our enterprise has completed projects in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Diverse and unified

Our enterprise is present in the form of various country offices on different continents. Our employees at these country offices enjoy extensive entrepreneurial independence as they go about meeting the specific needs of their clients. Despite this diversity, our enterprise possesses a distinct identity. This identity is based on the shared values that connect us throughout the world.

Economically, politically and professionally Independent

As a family-run enterprise, we are economically, politically and professionally independent – an essential cornerstone for long-term agility and business success. This independence ensures our capacity to approach the needs of our clients with an open mind and to orient our enterprise to stability, innovation and the long-term benefit of our clients and employees.

Foresight and far-sightedness

We take a careful approach to shaping the development of our enterprise. All of our employees contribute to our long-term business success and to the capacity of our enterprise to adapt and evolve in response to societal and market developments. This is the way we make sure that we can continue to offer our clients sound and sustainable solutions.

Investment in the future

In keeping with our core values, we remain committed to reinvesting in the long-term success of our enterprise and to securing the interdisciplinary expertise and vitality of our various country offices and business divisions for the future. Founded in 2001, the BaslerFund offers testimony to this commitment. The purpose of the fund is to support the sustainable development of our enterprise by securing proper resources for important research internally and externally oriented endeavors, and the reinforcement of our expertise and methodological competence.

Investments as a % of revenue

    12 %

    • Further education and training
    • Future studies and general surveys
    • Knowledge acquisition and new services
    • Preliminary project work
    • Technical equipment