Use and operating concepts

When you are planning to extend or remodel a building, it is good to define and harmonize the structure’s future uses and space needs as well as its functional flows, goals and dependencies. Here, where organization, space and use intersect and interact, we support you in creating use, operating and occupancy concepts, and represent your interests to third parties.

Using an analysis of the current situation, needs and relevant trends, we determine appropriate spatial principles, zoning concepts and potential for synergy. We shed light on functional dependencies and sequences and represent these in accessible ways, supporting our clients in defining their project and its goals. Our task-specific interdisciplinary teams work with clients to develop viable, efficient, forward-looking solutions.

We specialize in large projects and complex organizations. In the education sector (lecture halls and classrooms), and research and administrative sectors (office space planning, workstation concepts, laboratories) in particular, we have many years of experience and sound knowledge of current and future developments.

We work to harmonize concepts, organization, space and use and to communicate the results in a simple and precise form which can then serve as a basis for planning. We attach special importance to integrative process design and communication as well as a holistic, forward-looking perspective.

We actively support you with the following services:

  • Use concepts, function diagrams
  • Strategic operating and occupancy concepts
  • Project definition
  • Consulting for developers and users, user representation