Integrated Railway System Design

The railway system is complex and only works if the various processes are closely coordinated. This results in complex issues that range from the departure process to the rear signal of the train. Thanks to our approach of taking an integral view of the entire railway system, we recognise the challenges at an early stage and incorporate them into a comprehensive solution finding process.

Our clients include rail infrastructure operators, railway companies, but also the public sector and transport authorities such as municipalities, cantons, transport associations, etc..

With our in-depth knowledge of the railway system, we support our clients when it comes to making strategic decisions relating to overall system renovations, network expansions and system replacements. We also define requirements or evaluate new systems to be procured, whether in the vehicle or on the infrastructure.

We offer the following services:

  • Independent audits of entire railway systems
  • System design that matches long-term objectives
  • Planning of a demand-oriented and cost-efficient expansion of the railway infrastructure
  • Strategic support for the renewal or acquisition of control command and signalling systems as well as traffic management systems
  • Reviews of system obsolescence and replacement planning
  • Development of maintenance management programs
  • Evaluation and optimization of procedures and operation processes
  • Safety inspections and risk analyses

While we have extensive experience in the overall management of multi-discipline large-scale projects, we are also available as technical experts for specific issues and to provide tailor-made client support for smaller projects., ThaneKeller
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