We combine our consulting competence with extensive experience in project planning and execution. Our clients profit from the knowledge we’ve acquired in the areas of developer support and BIM applications.

We enable our clients to exploit the full potential of BIM in a project-specific manner

  • We offer consulting services geared to the development of strategies for introducing BIM while also taking account of the existing processes and the entire lifecycle of the buildings in question.
  • We offer critical support when it comes to defining the employer’s information requirements (EIRs) and drafting the BIM-specific contract provisions.
  • We work together with our clients to define space allocation plans suitable for proper BIM procurement.
  • We help our clients to define clear goals and draw the right conclusions from cost-benefit analyses.
  • We translate the BIM goals into specific requirements that are to be met by the planners’ BIM models and the accompanying process sequences (ascertainment of the processes and data environment). This enables us to ensure that BIM can be profitably deployed as intended by our clients and that the BIM goals can be achieved.
  • We define the manner in which the planning results are shared between planning teams and developers (BIM execution plan).
  • We check the BIM models submitted by the planners for data consistency and quality, as well as to make sure they’re suitable to achieving the defined goals.
  • We help our clients to define suitable data formats and tools.
  • We provide support when it comes to preparing the data for the operation phase and installing the necessary databases and platforms.

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