Infrastructure status assessment

Years of intensive operation will leave its mark on the infrastructure:. Cracking, corrosion, water damage and material fatigue are only a few of the possible consequences. We carry out on-site status analyses and manage technical measurement inspections. Based on comprehensive status assessments, we ascertain your renovation needs and make recommendations for renewal.

Our team of civil and materials engineers has many years of comprehensive experience. Our services include:

  • Visual status inspections
  • Ongoing, periodic inspections
  • Drafting plans for technical measurement l inspections and procurement of laboratory services
  • Management of metrological inspections and interpretation of the results
  • Status assessments and forecasts of status development
  • Assessments of remaining service life
  • Expert damage assessments
  • Ascertainment of renovation needs
  • Recommendations of action for renewal along with cost estimates

We would be happy to support you with the maintenance of your infrastructure. We assess all of the structures in the portfolios of our public and private-sector clients, from small pedestrian bridges to special structures, tunnels and roadways of several miles.