Mobility strategies and comprehensive transportation concepts

To adequately address the mobility needs of our increasingly dense urban centers, planners must take a holistic approach that includes a simultaneous consideration of all available modes of transportation. We help municipalities, cities, regions and cantons to draft integral mobility strategies and comprehensive transportation concepts.

In addition to harmonizing the development of human settlements and transportation systems, it is important to us to include the latest developments, including digitalization, novel technologies, and automation, in our considerations.

The right measures

When working out the right measures, we keep a steady eye on the defined goals, the results of our up-to-date analyses, and the appropriate deployment of the various modes of transportation. In dense urban areas, we attach a high priority to enabling pedestrian and bicycle solutions.

Depending on the geographic extent of the development area and the number of possible measures or solutions, we work out a number of alternative strategies and then apply established methods of comparison to select the very best. We place special value in this connection on the careful and sound interpretation of our findings. After all, this is what forms the basis for later public-relations work.

Public relations and participation

Our experience shows that the rates of public acceptance are significantly higher and subsequent policymaking processes far less complicated when those affected by development projects are included at an early stage. We support our clients when it comes to developing tailormade public-participation processes, organizing and holding workshops, and drafting public-relations concepts.