We place increasingly diverse demands on public space, and its social significance is becoming ever more pronounced. Public spaces today have to fulfill a range of functions: as transportation, access and recreational areas. We offer a range of services to help you to design these spaces.

Projects involving public space are often complex, and yet they have to be harmonized with the demands of a broad range of user groups and professional disciplines. Also, the availability of public spaces is often limited, which is why solutions have to be goal-oriented and capable of gaining broad acceptance.

What is needed are aesthetically appealing, safe, standards-compliant solutions that enjoy broad approval and, not least, are cost-effective to build and maintain.

We support our clients in the development of public spaces in varying project phases in the following ways:

  • We develop strategies for future development
  • We generate studies on use, design, safety, operation, lighting, etc. on various scales
  • We support planning and execution
  • We organize, monitor, and moderate the procedure and the process

We configure task-based, interdisciplinary teams that offer you a one-stop solution for your specific case.