Public and private enterprises of all kinds often face the challenge of developing well calibrated strategies, effective organizational structures and efficient processes. Typically, the need to act grows more urgent in the wake of market changes, new regulatory requirements and tantalizing opportunities associated with technological advances such as digitalization. EBP supports its clients by providing an independent perspective, tailor-made solutions, and technical expertise.

Working with carefully selected management-consulting methods, EBP helps you to answer questions such as the following:

  • What are our goals?
  • Are our strategies appropriately calibrated to meeting these goals? Can they be expected to continue to deliver in the future?
  • What can we do to prepare our enterprise to meet the challenges of the future?
  • How can we best integrate new tasks into our organizational structure and process landscape? Do we need to change our organizational structure?
  • What is the best way to optimize (e.g. digitalize) our work processes?
  • Why have recently introduced measures failed to bring about the desired results?

EBP advises you in all matters of strategy development and change management. We join forces with you to create or continue to develop appropriate management systems, processes and organizational structures. You select the support services you need no matter what the operational phase: problem identification, solution development, solution implementation, or outcome monitoring. You and your employees remain in the driver’s seat while we work on the viable solutions that will help you reach your goal.

Strategy consulting: taking the right way to the goal

The right strategy is the key to enterprise success. Working in close consultation with you, we examine your enterprise strategy. We define strategic goals, formulate consistent models and work out the strategic options. The aim is a market-oriented enterprise strategy that gives you a clear view of the goal and the right way to the goal.

Organizational consulting: the basis for quick and sound decision making

If it feels like something is blocking your enterprise, it may have something to do with your enterprise’s organizational structure. Overly complex organizational structures can prevent quick decision making. Other bottlenecks also block quick and effective action. It is important in such cases to restructure at the right locations, to clarify all roles, to shape the organizational structure in a targeted manner and to simplify it whenever possible.

Process consulting: for effective implementation

Clearly defined and sound processes are essential for efficient and effective work. They make plain to all stakeholders exactly who is supposed to do exactly what. We assist you when it comes to process optimization and process design. And we help you to implement your new processes.

Organisations- und Prozessberatung, Ablauf

The approach: analyze, plan, design, implement, optimize

  • Analysis of the current state: Working together with you, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy, organizational structure and processes. In doing so, we consider both internal and external demands, the market situation and the regulatory environment.
  • Strategic principles: Working together with you, we draft strategic principles that will enable you to properly orient your processes and organizational structure to the task of meeting your enterprise goals. We also determine the extent to which your organizational structure supports efficient business processes.
  • Design: Working together with you, we identify the parties inside (or outside) your enterprise who are to provide all of the relevant services. We help you to develop the most suitable structures for efficient core processes, management processes and support processes. In doing so, we make sure to keep everything as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. We advise you in matters relating to the organizational integration of functions, the documentation of processes, and the definition of tasks, skills and responsibilities.
  • Implementation: Larger developmental steps and changes represent a challenge for any enterprise. We assist you when it comes to introducing new processes to your enterprise or implementing larger restructuring measures. We help you to engage the relevant stakeholders and to effectively communicate the necessary changes so that your employees and customers can take them in stride. We offer you professional coaching sessions and workshops, and assist you in matters of method selection, communication, mediation and moderation.
  • Monitoring: Appropriate management tools can significantly lighten the task of managing your enterprise and optimizing its internal structures. Examples include performance and target agreements, indicator systems, and various methods of evaluation. We support you when it comes to defining, designing and implementing proven monitoring systems.

What makes our services so valuable?

Tailor-made solutions
Like our modus operandi, our solutions are tailored to meet the exact needs of you enterprise.

Methodologically competence
From our broad spectrum of methods, we select those that best match the nature and complexity of your concerns. In addition to our structured approach, we place great value on a sound assessment of the facts.

Komplexes einfach
Converting complex into simple
Thanks to the experience our interdisciplinary consultant teams have gained over the years, we are able to simplify complex issues and then dispatch with them more expeditiously.

Interdisciplinary business-management and market expertise
We combine our extensive grasp of business management with comprehen-sive technical competence in the areas of security, transportation, the environment, construction, energy, spatial planning, communication and information technology. We assemble our interdisciplinary consulting teams in accordance with the project specifications. This enables us to provide solutions that are effective, efficient, practical, and future ready.

Innen- und Aussensicht
The view from the outside and the inside
We approach the development and implementation of solutions from a neutral, independent position. In the context of interviews and workshops, we combine our view from the outside with your view from the inside to develop the best solutions for your enterprise.

Have we awakened your interest?

Would you like some more information about our management-consulting services or other products offered by our enterprise? The senior members of our management-consulting staff would be happy to assist you.