Software development / build

Well-conceived IT solutions such as smart information systems and decision-making systems are the ideal way to support and optimize your business processes. We specialize in developing and integrating custom systems of this kind, which you can use to optimize how you monitor, forecast and steer your processes and systems.

We develop information systems, management systems and decision-support systems that are customized for your needs. The scope of our work encompasses client-server systems, desktop applications, mobile applications and embedded components. Our solutions build on leading technologies from Microsoft, Esri, Safe Software (FME), Oracle as well as open-source software. We develop according to the label swiss made software.

Label swiss made software

We put together the perfect team for your project from our pool of software developers, choose an appropriate system architecture and determine the most suitable technologies.

Our project management and software development relies on cutting-edge development tools and state-of-the-art methods such as Scrum and HERMES.

We take systems quality assurance very seriously. Automatic tests and a dedicated team of testers ensure the quality of our systems and solutions.

What we can do for you:

  • Development of system architecture and selection of basic technologies
  • Implement the architecture and code the functionality according to system requirements or user stories
  • Design user interfaces: We design and test user interfaces from your users’ perspective (user-centered design).
  • Quality through systematic testing: We formulate test concepts and perform unit testing, use case testing, stress tests and integration tests.
  • Launch support: We assist you during the integration, migration and launch of your system.