Non-ionizing radiation NIR

There are regulations (e.g. the Swiss Ordinance on Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation, Verordnung über den Schutz vor nichtionisierender Strahlung - NISV) which set limits for the radiation of stationary installations such as high-voltage power lines, transformer stations, railway installations, mobile phone base stations, radio and TV transmitters as well as radar installations. The NISV is intended to protect the general public.
We examine the NIR requirements in relation to your project and provide support throughout all planning phases, starting with zoning of an area all the way through to the building permit.

We offer the following services for protection from non-ionizing radiation (NIR):

  • Assessment of non-ionizing radiation from various sources
  • General conditions: We show how good emission protection can be ensured when developing areas with a high level of non-ionizing radiation
  • Support for approval procedures from a legal, planning and technical perspective
  • EMC and NIS consulting: For buildings in close proximity to sources of non-ionizing radiation (e.g. traction power installations), we advise you on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the expected level of non-ionizing radiation.
  • Measure planning: We present you with possible measures to reduce non-ionizing radiation levels and estimate the costs of these measures.