Location and market analyses

"Location, location, location;" those are the three most important valuation factors of a property - or so the saying goes. However, the location with all its potential and challenges has to be subjected to close scrutiny in order to make informed use and development decisions.

To ensure a robust basis for location decisions and develop a property optimally, in-depth knowledge of the existing potential and challenges associated with a site is needed. With our location and market analyses, we support our clients in real estate and site development, choosing new company locations and branches, positioning and marketing cities and regions, identifying target groups for new business sites, and developing spatial planning specifications.

We analyze and evaluate locations for a wide variety of uses and clients, taking into consideration quantitative and qualitative indicators, as well as the constructive, spatial, and regulatory framework, and providing the following services:

  • Definition of target markets and catchment areas and their potential for different uses,
  • Evaluation of macro and micro sites in terms of their suitability for different uses,
  • Identification of potential demand for various uses,
  • Assessment of existing providers and competition.

Our work in this field is underpinned by the latest data from a wide range of sources, and makes use of local expertise when working up our analyses. Our clients include landowners, real estate developers, investors, architects, economic development agencies and spatial planners.