Study of development options after the relocation of the Antikenmuseum Basel

The Antikenmuseum Basel (Basel Museum of Ancient Art) will soon be leaving its current quarters in an ensemble of buildings in Basel’s historic city center. EBP is helping the Canton of Basel-City to examine development options for the property following the museum’s relocation.

Current situation

The Antikenmuseum Basel is located in Basel’s historic city center. The University of Basel’s Art History Building, the Basel Art Museum and their adjoining library are located in the immediate vicinity just across from the St. Alban Moat. The complex of buildings that house the Antikenmuseum, including various school rooms, laboratories, studios and administrative offices, are located at Nos 5 and 7 St. Alban-Graben and Nos 5 and 7 Luftgässlein. In the year 2000, the ensemble of buildings was expanded through the addition of the underground Egypt Hall, which was built under the courtyard. This addition received much attention throughout Europe in connection with the Tutankhamun Exhibition. The buildings are in very good condition and are appropriately outfitted with all of the ancillary facilities that are necessary to operate a museum.

Site and market analysis

EBP approached the assignment by first carrying out a site and market analysis for the building complex. This served as a basis for defining future development options. In particular, we assessed the qualities of the site (e.g. the convenience of its location) and its surroundings. We also assessed the corresponding supply-and-demand data for housing and commercial space in the area in question.

Structural and development criteria

The project team also assessed the individual buildings at the site and the ensemble as a whole in terms of various structural and development criteria. This examination included a careful consideration of all requirements relating to heritage protection, as well as the structures and fabric of the historic buildings themselves.

Development options

Working from the site and market analysis, as well as the structural and development criteria, we defined various development options and evaluated these options with the help of a SWOT analysis so as to assess the various strengths (opportunities) and weaknesses (risks) associated with their prospective realization. Our efforts in this area included identifying the main cost drivers, drafting a development strategy and outlining implementation horizons for each of the identified options.

Project report

We documented our findings in a project report. This report includes the identified development options, as well as our specific recommendations for the site’s development after the relocation of the Antikenmuseum Basel.

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