Climate Neutrality in Companies

Climate protection is already being tackled voluntarily and actively by many companies. In addition, they increasingly have to comply with national and international climate protection obligations. Our mission is to help companies successfully contribute to climate protection while also benefiting from doing so. With concrete climate neutrality and net-zero strategies, we help uncover risks for the company and tackle opportunities.

Our holistic solutions enable companies to optimally position themselves in terms of climate neutrality and achieve their net-zero goals. We advise them across the entire value chain.

We develop greenhouse gas balances, reduction paths and reduction measures

While providing the following services, we are guided by the company-specific goals, possibilities and values:

  • Drafting of GHG inventories (Scope 1 – 3) in accordance with existing standards including the GHG Protocol and CDP
  • Ascertainment of scientifically-based reduction targets such as SBTi
  • Modeling of individual reduction pathways to net-zero emissions
  • Drafting of concrete measures to achieve reduction targets
  • Planning the concrete implementation of monitoring systems
  • Provision of advice on how to approach the compensation of non-reducible emissions