Devising a science-based, net-zero strategy

Switzerland and the European Union have both made a binding commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Some public and private enterprises are aiming to reach the target by an even earlier date.

To do our part and to position ourselves as a net-zero pioneer, our climate experts worked out a set of science-based climate goals and an implementation strategy. When we now devise customized net-zero strategies for our public and private-sector clients (companies, regions, municipalities, and public agencies), they benefit from the experience we’ve gained through striving to achieve our own climate neutrality.

Our services

  • Defining the net-zero goal within the system boundaries according to the relevant standards and guidelines
  • Calculating the carbon footpring EBP (Scopes 1, 2 and 3, as per Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP))
  • Defining the goals, identifying the potential, and determine the areas of action according to the guidelines of the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI) to achieve net-zero emissions
  • Drafting of an internal and external communication strategy

Picture Credits: © EBP, Claudio Fornito

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