How can quality construction which is well suited to a site, yet deviates from zoning codes, be implemented in an area from a planning perspective? With our services, we support you in achieving planning and legal security.

District and special-use planning have in recent years taken on increased significance in the development of large sites. In district and special land use planning, we lay the cornerstone for quality construction, use, design and development and harmonize the various environmental aspects with each other.

We support our clients in this field with particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Detailing the regulations, and drawing up plans and explanatory reports
  • Specialized studies, such as the preparation of an environmental impact report
  • Calculation, evaluation and advising on 2-hourly shadow study for high-rise buildings
  • Organization and monitoring of the entire process including coordination with the authorities and relevant agencies

Internal experts in the fields of transportation, environment (specifically noise and water), and hazard management can be brought into the process as and when necessary.