Rising prices, supply disruptions, geopolitical dependencies, ecologically and socially questionable raw materials extraction, essential production factor, no known substitute: these are all factors that can make resources critical.

We advise authorities, associations and companies on issues pertaining to critical resources, with a focus on rare metals and the essential nutrient phosphorus.

Critical metals

The reduction of supply risks and economic dependencies pertaining to critical metals is central to our consultation services. We specifically support you in the following areas:

  • Development of criteria for assessing the criticality of rare metals for companies and entire economies
  • Development of web-based screening tools for corporate criticality management
  • Strategies for reducing supply risks, dependencies and operational vulnerabilities
  • Recycling solutions for recovering rare metals from wastes, such as from e-waste


The recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge and animal and bone meal is stipulated in the VVEA. We support you in the various areas involved in developing an effective recycling solution adjusted to regional circumstances:

  • Overview of recycling technologies and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Evaluation of various technologies to recover phosphorus from various types of waste matter, such as pre-treated sludge, sewage sludge and ashes
  • Market analyses and marketability of recycling products
  • Strategic consultation with regard to a regionally appropriate and concurrently effective recycling solution