Transportation accounts for around 30 percent of total carbon emissions in Switzerland. Reducing this level and achieving our climate goals will require the development of intelligent and innovative solutions. We support lawmakers and administrators when it comes to identifying the areas in which there is a need for climate action, and we help them to devise and implement smart strategies for achieving carbon-neutral mobility.

Our current climate-protection goals are ambitious, both at a national and international level. In order to reach these goals, leaders in all sectors are called upon to develop strategies for rapidly lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Identifying the right approaches

In the transportation sector, attention has focused on three strategic areas, including lowering the need to travel (e.g. by harmonizing spatial-development and transportation planning), switching to low-emissions modes of transportation (e.g. public transportation, bicycles, and walking), and promoting emissions-free vehicle motors. The shift to alternative modes of transportation, in particular, has been an important topic for many years, and one which is reflected at the level of policymaking. We help our clients to identify the most effective approaches for their enterprises and to devise corresponding measures.

Taking account of climate goals

In the interest of achieving carbon-neutral mobility by 2050, we take account of our shared climate goals when approaching all of our transportation-planning tasks. Moreover, the expertise we’ve acquired is always reflected in our climate, energy, and electric-mobility strategies.

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