Design review and verification services

Complex construction projects represent a special challenge for architects, engineers and builders. Design and engineering mistakes can lead to a lack of compliance with legal statutes and industry standards and may even compromise building safety. Correcting such mistakes typically leads to budget and cost overruns. Working in the capacity of independent experts, verification engineers review the work of architectural designers, engineers and builders throughout all project phases, thereby making an important contribution to project success.

As a consulting and engineering firm, we have certified and highly experienced verification engineers, as well as extensive know-how in all matters of structural engineering and building construction, and beyond. This enables us to offer comprehensive design review and verification services.

We offer the following services:

  • Review of  design concepts and alternative approaches
  • Review of structural analysis and engineering drawings
  • Review of tendering documents
  • Review of construction plans
  • Review of construction processes and building construction
  • Review of compliance with the latest statutes and industry Standards
  • Presentation of opportunities for optimization 
  • Drafting of expert reports and second opinions
  • Drafting of damage/loss analyses

As a reliable partner, we support our clients from the moment the concept study is launched right through to successful project completion. We value independent reviews and constructive dialogue with project planners.