Construction logistics and materials management

Construction logistics, including supply and waste management, play a central role in the realization of large and complex building projects. The associated processes are often highly relevant when it comes to obtaining project approval.

We offer a comprehensive range of logistics and materials-management services for construction sites. These services include:

  • Construction and transport logistics for large construction sites and construction sites in high-exposure locations
  • Development and implementation of materials-management and transport concepts
  • Planning for aggregates processing facilities
  • Monitoring of on-site system operation throughout the construction phase, material sorting management and quality assurance
  • Planning for and managing demolition work
  • Planning for the treatment and disposal of hazardous materials

Working in the capacity of a full-service or partial-service architectural and engineering firm, as a consultant to the developer or as an independent expert, we provide services that are calibrated to the exact needs of our clients.