Water supplies are increasingly confronted with water scarcity, impaired water resources, rising costs for operation and maintenance as well as demographic changes. With our expertise, we support water utilities and industries in Switzerland and abroad to ensure the long-term security of their water supply.

Our services encompass the following topic areas:

  • Client support and representation in the planning and realisation of public and industrial water supply projects
  • Project planning, tendering and realisation of drinking water infrastructure (general planning)
  • General water supply projects (GWP), planning of water supply in emergency situations
  • Feasibility studies, planning of measures, expertises and construction supervision
  • Stress tests for water supplies, holistic consideration of the resilience of water supplies
  • Integrated water management in catchment areas in the context of climate change
  • Circular economy, reduction of water losses
  • Water stewardship, science-based targets for freshwater
  • Decarbonisation of water supply (energy efficiency, renewable energies)
  • Corporate development, financial planning, fee and tariff models
  • Process engineering in water treatment
  • Value conservation and investment planning
  • Hydraulic network calculations and optimisation
  • Communication and public relations