The use of artificial lighting has increased dramatically because of our "24-hour society". With far-reaching consequences: excessive light immission can significantly impact people's well-being and the living conditions of nocturnal animals. Artificial lighting also always needs energy. Even though LED technology reduces individual light sources use, overall, however, the increase in artificial lighting cancels out these savings to some extent (rebound effect).

In this field of conflicting priorities, it is not always easy to find lighting that meets today's needs in terms of the environment, costs, aesthetics as well as safety and security. Integral light planning, however, makes this possible. It requires experienced, multidisciplinary teams. We offer you all the necessary expertise under a single roof: light architecture and environmental planning as well as extensive experience in crime prevention, road safety and economics. We can give you competent support in all issues related to light emissions:

  • Interdisciplinary lighting concepts for public spaces (roads, walkways, squares, parks and underpasses) for public and private customers
  • Integral lighting design as part of infrastructure projects (e.g. roads) taking into account the rules and regulations as well as safety and environmental issues
  • Analyses and expertise (e.g. in the event of complaints)