Forests cover around a third of the world’s land surface and as well as Switzerland. They provide a habitat for plants and animals, supply wood, protect against natural hazards and are also popular as recreational areas. Wood is a construction material with outstanding properties and an important renewable energy source. Almost half of the wood harvested in Switzerland is used for energy production. The other half makes an important contribution to achieving climate targets through cascading use.

Unsere Dienstleistungen im Bereich Wald + Holz auf einen Blick
Our services in the area of Forests and Wood at a glance

We offer comprehensive advice along the entire value chain from forests to timber construction, from feasibility studies to the participation process. Whether for sustainable construction with wood or forest planning, our interdisciplinary expert team supports you across Switzerland and internationally with in-depth specialist knowledge, many years of expertise and a holistic approach.

Our services include:


  • Strategy development (e.g., in regard to climate change and biodiversity)
  • Conceptualization of forest fire management
  • Drafting of environmental impact reports and compensation measures
  • Training and further education
  • Quantification of forest ecosystem services

Forest and settlement space

  • Expert opinions and reports
  • Analyses of tree populations
  • Certification of Minergie sites including outdoor spaces

Wood in construction and as a material

  • Project planning of load-bearing structures
  • CO2 reduction performance of wood used in construction
  • Securing the supply of timber and wood for energy

Wood as an energy resource

  • Analysis of wood used for energy and potential
  • Economic consulting for wood-fired power plants
  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning and implementation of district heating networks

Wood for negative-emissions technologies

  • Modeling the carbon emissions impact of forests and the wood value chain
  • Development of climate protection concepts
  • Certification of the carbon sink performance of reforestation projects (e.g., in Chile and Columbia)
  • Consulting on pyrolysis and biochar

Miscellaneous services

  • Participation processes, workshop organization and moderation
  • Development of future scenarios
  • Lifecycle assessment (LCA)