In the construction sector, digitalization is rapidly changing our tools, our forms of organization, and our processes. We support developers and engineering consortiums when it comes to the superordinate implementation of building information modeling (BIM).

Thanks to our consulting competence, planning expertise, and many years of execution experience, we are able to help our clients optimize their process sequences, enhance their information flows, and integrate BIM management into their general management structures.

Our services

  • We develop implementation plans and digital process sequences based on specific client and project goals.
  • We ensure smooth digital-project execution and the creation of optimized task-management systems.
  • We define the parameters for sharing planning results among the members of the planning team and the developer (BIM execution plan).
  • For every project, we provide convenient and effective collaboration platforms to enable optimal systems of information sharing.
  • We define workflows and approval processes for large-scale projects.
  • We identify quality-assurance options that can be efficiently implemented with the help of BIM.
  • We integrate streamlined approaches into organizational structures and BIM implementation processes.