Transportation economics and financing

Stakeholders in different areas of transportation (rail, road and air) have demanded in recent years that we take a sustainable approach to limited financial resources and that we remain on the uptake for new market opportunities. An emphasis has also been placed on identifying new sources of financing. Indeed, these tasks represent a permanent challenge for all public and private entities.

We offer a variety of services and solutions that help to bridge the gap between what is desired and what is feasible:

  • Analyses of the finance structure of the transportation sector and the development of user-financing models
  • Impact analyses and evaluations based on management and/or benefit-cost analyses of various measures, including infrastructure expansion, streamlining, legislative changes, regulations changes, standards changes, road pricing, etc.
  • Evaluations and ex-post analyses
  • Assessments of the impact transportation on city and regional development
  • Project sustainability analyses
  • Development of monitoring and controlling procedures
  • Development of cooperative and organization models such as public-private partnerships
  • Impact assessments and implementation strategies in the area of transportation and energy (e.g. in relation to the introduction of electric-vehicle technology)

We go beyond an examination of rail, road and air transportation to include the key pedestrian and freight interfaces between them, i.e. in the form of terminals and stations. In addition to applying proven methods, we take a proactive approach to their continued improvement.