Making our food systems more sustainable

EBP assesses the contribution that agriculture, processers, retailers, restaurant operators and consumers can make to sustainable food systems. Using various assessment approaches, EBP identifies the major levers and measures within value chains that will have the greatest impact. Models are used to illustrate various change scenarios.

EBP helps public authorities, trade associations and private companies to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of food systems, while also addressing each group’s individual concerns. A holistic analysis that considers the entire food system results in specific and effective measures for EBP’s clients.

EBP offers the following services:

  • Sustainability consulting for restaurant operators, food processors, producer associations and government agencies
  • Drafting of life-cycle assessments for specific foods and menus
  • Development of individually tailored measures
  • Analysis and modeling of various sustainability issues, especially climate protection, the use and effect of pesticides and biodiversity protection
  • Development of basic research projects
  • Management of participative processes involving relevant stakeholders