Real estate renewal and renovation (Real estate)

Intervention in real-estate properties requires a lot of know-how and a steady hand to ensure cost effectiveness and to manage the regulatory environment, project-specific features, procedures and contracts. Our extensive experience as an architectural design and engineering firm, as well as a supporter of real-estate developers allows us to assemble teams that have what it takes to perform the relevant tasks.

We have many years of experience in managing our own projects and supporting developers:

  • Current-state assessments and technical due diligence, including risk-benefit analyses for existing real estate
  • Management of special considerations (e.g. brownfield properties, hazardous materials, construction site assessments, NIS, etc.)
  • Feasibility studies for various strategies and selection of best strategies
  • Drafting of project specifications documents to ensure clear and stakeholder-approved service orders
  • Procedures for selecting suitable projects and planning teams (competitions, study contracts, direct inquiries, etc.)
  • Project planning (pre-project and construction phase)
  • Drafting, management and review of calls for tender
  • Project realization
  • Deficiency and warranty management

Thanks to our experience as architectural designers and engineers, as well as our supporting role on behalf of developers, we are well acquainted with the needs and concerns of our clients. We also know how to respond with foresight. Renewal and renovation projects involving existing buildings require both reliable planning and a healthy measure of pragmatism combined with an abundance of practical experience.

Our clients include public and private-sector developers.