What is the most expedient solution to a transportation problem? What is the best way to design a cost-effective road or railway program? Which of the proposed solutions is the best solution? What are the advantages of new modes of transportation and mobility services? Thanks to the experience gained from numerous projects, we’re able to help our clients find the right solution.

We carry out impact assessments for a wide variety of transportation measures, including classic construction and renovation projects in road and rail, new parking regimes, incentive systems, mobility pricing, maintenance, and telematics. We also examine the impact of new modes of transportation such as MiniMetros, maglev trains, and digital options such as mobility as a service.

The participative approach to new solutions

In addition to considering conventional measures, we also apply practicability assessments to develop new novel solutions. With the instrument of participative processes, we develop a variety of prospective solutions that we then analyze and evaluate.

Step-by-step procedures

We offer step-by-step procedures for assessing the various alternative solutions and establishing priorities.

We ascertain project impact “as precisely as is required,” and apply pragmatic procedures and multimodal transportation models to assess the issues at hand. If necessary, we include our EBP specialists in the process, for instance, when it comes to estimating costs and infrastructure development proposals and calculating environmental, economic, and social impacts.

Applying the right procedures

We apply various procedures when carrying out our assessments:

  • Comparative value analyses
  • Benefit analyses
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Cost benefit analyses
  • Value-added analyses
  • Combined analyses

We know the advantages and disadvantages of the various procedures and continuously work on their refinement in research committees. This enables us to offer you tailormade solutions.

It is important to us to establish a technically sound basis for decision making and to represent our findings in a compellingly audience-specific manner. In close consultation with our clients, we develop our solutions and projects based on the latest findings.