Light architecture daylighting and artificial light (Real estate)

Light in its natural or artificial form determines our perception. It strikes surfaces, creating space, plasticity, contours and shadow. Diffused, filtered, dimmed or reflected by materials, light creates new spaces and associations. Light affects people and the environment - quantitatively, qualitatively and emotionally. Light architecture, to us, is a holistic concept, a dance between artificial and natural light. Locally rooted, globally competent.

Our holistic concepts are characterized by the masterful way in which they blend timeless design, innovation and efficiency. Our experience and curiosity give rise to concepts that are as functional and innovative as they are poetic; concepts that will continue to impress for years to come.Our team of experts, led by light architect Walter Moggio, supports researchers, developers, users, general planners, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and electrical designers in questions of artificial-  and daylighting. Our many years of experience also enable us to incorporate free daylight and multimedia conceptually into the planning process. Together with our specialists from related fields, we offer workable interdisciplinary service packages. In addition to our domestic teams, we also offer international support in English, French, and Italian.

What is important to us:

  • We place value on independence and product-neutral planning
  • Holistic conceptual thinking with in-depth background knowledge
  • A meaningful balance between design, function, efficiency and type of light
  • Concepts and designs that stay relevant for years to come
  • Diligence, confidence, design, continuity, and innovative curiosity
  • Sustainably inexpensive lighting concepts that meet high quality standards
  • Influence of light on architecture, people, animals and the environment
  • Artificial light should take a back seat to daylight as much as possible
  • Responsible and careful use of resources
  • Integration of the cultural context

Our artificial – and daylighting services include:

  • Consulting - expertise - due diligence - second opinion - jury work for developers in the private and public sectors
  • Interior and exterior lighting design
  • Master planning - Smart City integration concept study, planning and lighting, corporate design
  • Monitoring of all construction phases in accordance with the Swiss Engineering and Architects Association (SIA)
  • MINERGIE planning in accordance with SIA 387/4 - German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Local Swissness partner for international project management
  • Concepts that integrate multimedia and building automation
  • Artificial and Daylight simulations
  • Shadow and sun path diagrams
  • Natural daylight exploitation analysis
  • Advanced education - topic-based training
  • Guided community light walks
  • Accompaniment in research


2018 Milano Design Award 2018
Winner of category Unicorn

Watt d'Or

2016 Watt d`Or
Swisscom Neubau Businesspark
Winner of category Gebäude und Raum


2015 Building-Award
Swisscom Neubau Businesspark
Winner of category Engineering/Gebäudetechnik

2009 Prix Lumière SLG 2009
Historic Central Station Hall St.Gallen
Schweizer Lichtpreis


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