Proper building maintenance will help you to reduce your costs in the long run. This is why maintenance should be planned, carried out regularly and efficiently. We help our clients to draft smart maintenance strategies and to plan, manage and monitor the execution of their maintenance measures.

We provide consulting and support services to our clients in the following areas:

  • Planning and coordination of maintenance
  • Implementation and management of necessary measures
  • Development and management of medium and long-term maintenance plans for complex individual buildings and real-estate portfolios
  • Identification and management of the necessary processes for effective maintenance
  • Forecasting of future maintenance needs, including estimates of financial needs and opportunities for optimization
  • Operational manuals and system documentation
  • IT instruments for maintenance planning

With aim of securing cost-effective, strategic and low-risk multiyear planning, we also develop tailor-made instruments regarding the needs of our clients. At your request, we can also create customized IT tools.