Public participatory processes

What is the best way to engage the public in a dialogue about developing the spaces in which we live, work, and play? Why is it essential to involve community members who will experience the impact? What is the best way to enhance the participative nature of planning and development processes so that greater value is achieved and frustration avoided? How do we transform adversity into constructive dialogue?

There are many reasons to engage all stakeholders, including the public, when planning large development projects. These include higher rates of public acceptance; opportunities to exploit local knowledge and support; the early detection of controversial matters; cost reduction; and project expeditiousness. Indeed, public participation can lead to a more rapid project implementation and a greater identification with project results.

Workshops, events, dialogue procedures, and mediation

We assist our clients when it comes to designing successful participatory processes – both in the context of formal and informal planning procedures. Starting with our extensive repertoire of participatory methods, we select the right ones for the project at hand, including analog and digital workshops for large groups, information events, dialogue procedures, and mediation sessions. Using well-calibrated methods, we help our clients to get the relevant stakeholders on board and thus share the responsibility of arriving at sustainable solutions.

Methodological and technical expertise

We design processes, and organize and moderate events. We draft target-group-specific information materials and create analog and digital communications products. We combine our many years of experience and our expertise in the management and implementation of spatial, transportation, energy, and environmental projects with our competence in the area of public participation, mediation, and public relations.