The replacement value of transport, supply and waste-management infrastructure is very high. Managing the maintenance of this combined infrastructure represents a major challenge. We support the respective owners with customized maintenance-management solutions.

Continuously expanding infrastructure networks with increasing user loads lead to increased maintenance needs. Obtaining the necessary funding is often made difficult by competing needs. This is why the significance of cost-optimized, transparent and plausible maintenance management has become increasingly important. We offer the following maintenance management services:

  • Maintenance management planning: elements include the setting of strategic goals, the calculation of key figures such as replacement value and annual depreciation, the definition of methods of recording and evaluating infrastructure status, and monitoring the success of implemented measures. In addition to preliminary planning, we also analyze existing maintenance management programs and make proposals for improvement.
  • Drafting of network status reports: the relevant regulatory agency requires network status reports for railways. We help our clients with the details.
  • Drafting of forecasts of resource needs and recording status developments: with the help of forecasting models, we ascertain short, medium and long-term resource needs, while also tracking infrastructure development. We examine various maintenance strategies whenever necessary and present the consequences of implementing such strategies.
  • Development of IT instruments for more effective maintenance management: we develop IT instruments that match the tasks at hand, for instance, for recording and assessing status data.
  • Management of project portfolios: we support clients when it comes to setting priorities, for instance, in light of changed financial specifications.