Cost-Effective Railway Safety

Like other sectors of the economy, the railway sector faces the challenge of ensuring compliance with ever more demanding safety requirements. Railway companies and infrastructure operators are often left to consider a wide range of variously costly measures to effectively increase the safety of their systems. We evaluate the measures in terms of their cost-effectiveness and thus create a basis for decision-making.

For our clients in the rail industry, we assess both individual projects or comprehensive safety or action programs.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and designing possible safety measures
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of technical, structural, organizational and operational safety measures, and calculating the costs
  • Determining cost-effective measures that can be implemented efficiently with the available resources
  • Developing prioritization and implementation recommendations

Our goal is to facilitate decision-making procedures with reliable analyses and to create practical tools. We always adjust the depth of our analyses to match the task at hand.

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