The demands placed on flood protection are growing in tandem with increasing population density and urban concentration, and what is needed in terms of planning measures is becoming correspondingly complex: flood protection measures must meet defined protection targets, consider ecological and societal aspects as well as economic criteria.

We have many years of experience in the assessment of flood hazards as well as in the development of flood protection concepts. We undertake the planning process for the required measures, and support our clients, in a construction management role, with the implementation of these. Our interdisciplinary teams are composed of experts from the fields of hydraulics, statics, spatial planning, civil engineering and ecology, which means that you benefit from a holistic view from various perspectives when working with us on a project.

We offer the following services:

  • Hydrology, hydraulics: hydrology studies, 1- and 2-dimensional simulations
  • Flood protection concepts: elaboration of concepts for flood protection, including consideration of debris and driftwood, as well as risk and cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Flood protection certificates: preparation of property protection certificate within the context of the building permit process or design plans for private developers and architects
  • Flood protection projects: project planning throughout all phases through to implementation (in construction management role)