Town center development (Site development)

The aim of town center planning is to secure the development of attractive, vibrant, and safe town and city centers that meet a wide range of housing, transportation, commercial, and pedestrian needs. We help cities and municipalities to carefully plan and implement the development of their town centers as vital assets and thereby realize their full potential for the long term.

Working with our clients, we help to transform town and city centers into attractive, pedestrian-friendly public spaces by enhancing their unique appearance and taking account of their role as social meeting places, shopping locations, spaces where people live and work, and transportation hubs. Overall urban planning is often incapable of solving these complex challenges in sufficient detail, whereas site-specific planning can seem overwrought. To strike the right balance, we take a phased approach at the district level and include all of the relevant stakeholders.

High-quality town center development begins with an understanding of the overall context

We support municipalities in all aspects of town center development. Our services include:

  • Analysis and process design: We spot challenges and opportunities, develop innovative process designs, and identify the relevant stakeholders.
  • Vision: Working together with stakeholders, we define development objectives and use them as a basis for creating a development vision.
  • Strategy: We work out a strategy based on the development vision, compare the advantages and disadvantages of the various alternatives, and find suitable processes and instruments to realize the vision.
  • Measures and implementation: We define the specific measures and milestones, spell out the necessary operational steps and manage their implementation.