Cross-municipal cooperation is steadily growing in importance. Regions are encouraged to coordinate their planning and interests in a cross-municipal manner and to work together to define long-term development concepts.

We advise regions with regard to their strategic spatial development in the preparation of formal planning tools and the planning of specific measures. We have been assigned long-term mandates by various regions to support them with their planning tasks. Our work includes the following tasks:

  • Preparation of regional development strategies or spatial development concepts
  • Preparation and management of regional structural plans, including process management
  • Representation of the interests of cross-municipality associations in dealings with cantons, municipalities and the public
  • Development of specialist concepts on selected topics
  • Conception and moderation of participatory events with municipalities

The interests of municipalities and cantons converge at the regional level. Appropriate solutions need to be found that serve the interests of the entire region as well as high-quality, competitive and sustainable development. This challenge motivates us in our work.