Mobility trends and promising new technology

New forms of mobility are emerging in the wake of technological developments and digitalization. The way in which we use conventional means of transportation is also changing. Working on behalf of public and private-sector clients, we examine the latest developments, identifying the risks and opportunities, assessing the long-term potential, and providing support when it comes to effectively exploiting the new mobility options.

Our entire approach to mobility is changing. While new trends in the area of micromobility signal an emphasis on individualized use, driverless vehicle technology, on-demand public transportation, and the enhanced integration of multiple modes of transportation at traffic hubs also offer considerable potential. In any case, the emergence of these new mobility options and their integration into our transportation systems introduces daunting challenges for planners and system operators.

We provide our clients with a reliable basis for making important decisions and implementing smart measures to ensure their ability to master the changes in mobility and transportation:


  • Identify relevant trends and technologies
  • Develop future-mobility scenarios
  • Assess the ramifications and potential
  • Draft action plans for the various stakeholders
  • Develop strategies for taking advantage of new options
  • Drafting of innovative mobility concepts for low vehicle density areas
  • Oversee pilot projects and measures implementation

We always take a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to developing client solutions, making ample use of the findings we have generated in our own careful studies and research projects, for instance, with respect to driverless vehicle technology, smart mobility, and multimodal traffic hubs.