Study on Bicycle Parking Spaces at SBB stations

For Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), we conducted a study to investigate the need for bike parking facilities at SBB railway stations in the year 2030. The challenge here was to take into account different regional strategies for dealing with bicycle traffic and the bicycle infrastructure. To meet this challenge, we developed a tool that SBB can use to estimate the future number of bicycle parking spaces. It also shows where the bicycle parking facilities should be located around the station and how many spaces are needed for e-bikes and cargo bikes.

Our services

  • Researching and preparing literature on the demand for bicycle parking spaces as well as e-bike and cargo bike trends
  • Determining the different regional strategies regarding bicycle traffic by means an online survey for municipalities
  • Evaluating and checking the plausibility of traffic model data from the SimbaMobi project (an agent-based transportation model used by SBB) and the NPVM (national passenger transport model from the Federal Office of Spatial Development - ARE)
  • Developing a tool to determine the need for bicycle parking spaces at SBB railway stations, together with a corresponding manual

Main Image: Bicycle parking
Picture Credits:, Pawel Czerwinski

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