Mobility Concept for the Swiss National Exhibition (Svizra27)

On behalf of the Swiss National Exhibition Association, we developed a mobility concept to accommodate the exhibition’s visitors traveling to and between the individual locations. We also developed innovative mobility experiences on the rivers and at the various venues. The aim was to create an exciting mix of traditional and innovative, as well as physical and virtual, forms of mobility that are sustainable using existing infrastructures.

Our services

  • Designing innovative mobility experiences at the venue locations
  • Checking the necessary and available capacities of public transport and motorized private transport for the journey
  • Reviewing a new type of shared-mobility service for between the various venues
  • Recommending measures that would encourage a modal shift in favor of environmentally-friendly forms of mobility
  • Designing a micromobility offer for two venues
  • Evaluating the mobility offers according to sustainability criteria (environmental compatibility, circular economy, integration, duration of use, costs)
So könnte der Transfer mit einem selbstfahrenden Shuttle aussehen
This is how a transfer with a self-driving shuttle might appear

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