The aim of Swiss procurement law is to help ensure that the bidder with the best bid is awarded the contract. We help our clients to navigate the procurement process by working out optimal procurement strategies, drafting tailormade invitations to tender, reviewing the plausibility and quality of bids, and arranging for the signing of contracts. When doing so, we always calibrate our procedural approach to the specific assignment.

We support our clients when it comes to the procurement of services of all kinds, but especially in the urban and infrastructure development and construction sector, including all phases stipulated by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). We work on behalf of municipal, cantonal, and federal agencies, as well as with both public and private-sector companies that have exclusive or special rights in the water, energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors (including utility companies, wastewater-treatment associations, energy providers, railway companies, and airport operators).

Comprehensive support for procurement projects

  • We ascertain the applicable procedures and explain the particularities of the various procedural types (open, selective, invitational, or free-rein procedures).
  • We help our clients to arrive at solution-oriented forms of procurement, including design and proposal competitions, planner-selection procedures, and variations on conventional approaches such as the dialogue-based procedures.
  • We draft invitations to tender, manage their execution, and provide support when it comes to evaluating offers.
  • We advise procurement offices on matters of procurement management, process optimization, and strategic orientation (e.g. how to implement a commitment to sustainability in the procurement process).

Tailormade teams dedicated to our clients

Our clients profit from our expertise in numerous technical areas, as well as from our experts in procurement law. These human assets enable us to assemble or agilely supplement project teams precisely calibrated to the procurement task at hand.