Engineering project competition for Sihlsteg Spinning Mill site in Langnau

To protect the city of Zurich from flooding, the canton of Zurich is planning to construct a spillway tunnel from the Sihl River to Lake Zurich. Given that the spillway will have a significant impact on the environment, its construction will require compensatory measures. Among these measures, the city is planning to eliminate a footpath along the eastern shore of the Sihl and to erect a new pedestrian bridge as a replacement.

The technical, design, and ecological specifications are expected to elicit a wide range of solutions. EBP will help the developer to manage the project competition within the framework of a two-stage, selective procedure.

Our services

  • Preparation of the technical prerequisites and plans, including photographic material
  • Definition of the project framework
  • Coordination of jury selection
  • Drafting of the competition program and establishment of the eligibility and award criteria
  • Liaison services for the competitors
  • Formal and technical assessment of submissions, including their adherence to building-code and operation requirements
  • Establishment and coordination of jury procedures and meetings
  • Drafting of the jury report
  • Arrangement of an exhibition for distinguished submissions

Picture Credits: © EBP, Claudio Fornito

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