Project management support for second tube of Gotthard Road Tunnel

The plan to build a second tube of Gotthard Road Tunnel at a distance of 70 meters from the existing tunnel was approved in a national referendum held on February 28, 2016. Once the second tube has been built, the existing tube will undergo extensive renovation.

Working on behalf of FEDRO, we have been involved in the project from the final technical-planning phase. The scope of our assignment includes quality assurance, scheduling compliance, and cost controlling. We have already helped to optimize the tunnel orientation, cross-section design, ventilation system, equipment, construction standards, materials management, and environmental protection measures. Construction began in 2020.

Our services

  • Project management support as a member of an engineering consortium responsible for the final technical-planning phase, call to tender, and tunnel construction
  • Securing of required project quality and scheduling compliance, cost and performance controlling
  • Drafting of project manual and management of project platform
  • Management of land-acquisition processes and negotiations with cantons, municipalities, and third parties

Picture Credits Main Image: © David Schweizer

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