Expansion of highway in Dietikon

In the Swiss city of Dietikon, the stretch of cantonal highway connecting Baden and Zurich has been expanded from two lanes to four lanes between the Heimstrasse and the Grien Island traffic node. The highway’s expansion was undertaken in response to the construction of the Limmat Valley Railway and the associated need to re-route traffic. Working together with the engineering firm dsp Ingenieure + Planer AG, our interdisciplinary teams of traffic, environmental, water, and infrastructure experts helped to secure the project’s completion – from the feasibility study to the construction including environmental construction management.

Our services

  • Project planning from conception (Phase 31) to commissioning (Phase 53)
  • Capacity-assessment of individual traffic-nodes and the overall system
  • Planning of road construction along with drainage and utility-lines
  • Calculating the dimensions of geotextile filters and slot-drainage systems for the routing of highway runoff to surface waters
  • Construction phase planning, including the special challenge of ensuring the uninterrupted operation of all traffic systems

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