Traffic analysis Bellerivestrasse – a primary access route for Zurich

Bellerivestrasse is one of the main arteries leading into Zurich from the south. It currently features two lanes in each direction and a calibrated traffic signal chain (green wave) with 15 traffic lights. We used a comprehensive traffic-simulation model to study the potential impact of the following modifications: lane reductions, adapted speed limits, bike lanes on both sides of the street and reversible-lane operation. The results serve as a basis for evaluation and decision making, as well as to facilitate public discourse.

Our services

  • Simulation and calibration of the current traffic state based on traffic flow and congestion data
  • Simulation of the proposed scenarios during periods of peak traffic flow (mornings and evenings)
  • Evaluation of simulation results using statistical analyses of the relevant data, including travel times, traffic volume and traffic jam lengths
  • Analysis of the proposed biking infrastructure based on the relevant types of conflict
  • Presentation of conceptual solutions

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