An interactive map for Dübendorf

Working in close consultation with the town of Dübendorf, we developed an interactive map that gives residents an intuitive overview of the town’s recreational spaces. The map encourages residents and visitors alike to get out and discover the area’s many recreational locations. Outfitted with a special favorite-locations feature, the town map enables all users to enter their personal favorites, thereby also giving them an opportunity to share in the map’s development.

Our services

  • Iterative development of the content and use concept, including interactive elements in close consultation with the town of Dübendorf
  • Development of the visual design for the user interface
  • Drafting of an individual design for the background map
  • Technical implementation of the Angular and Mapbox-based web application and the admin panel for the release and maintenance of the favorite locations
  • Design of a key visual as a basis for the town’s map-related public relations measures
  • Operation and maintenance of the web application

Contact persons