“LadenPunkt” Charging Infrastructure Communication

“LadenPunkt” is a knowledge-transfer hub when it comes to charging electric vehicles in Switzerland. At the heart of the multi-year communication mandate is the website. We supply information and resources on all aspects of this topic to facilitate the promotion of e-mobility by all stakeholders. Ultimately, the aim is to empower and motivate them to become active themselves.

Our services

  • Developing a marketing strategy and user journeys based on input from target-group interviews
  • Creating a corporate design, including Office and Miro templates
  • “” website: UX/UI concept, UX writing and UX design
  • Producing various informational design elements (illustrations, infographics, icons)
  • Designing and implementing newsletters and social media content
  • Graphic design and text editing of guidelines
  • Organizing technical meetings with Planair and TicinoEnergia

Contact persons