UX Design System for the Swiss Federal Tax Administration

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) is digitizing its tax transactions. We developed design guidelines for them to improve the user experience (UX) and implement it consistently across all FTA services. We then documented these guidelines in a design style guide.

Thanks to the consistent design and recognizable user-interface elements, the FTA's services are easy for users to understand and use efficiently. Also, in terms of IT development, recurring components ensure that new services can be implemented more efficiently.

Our services

  • Determining design system requirements
  • Designing user interface (UI) elements and operating patterns in Figma
  • Coordinating UI elements functionally, technically and with frontend development
  • Ensuring accessibility
  • Creating guidelines for UX writing
  • Creating and communicating a design style guide
  • Completion of design reviews to secure user-interface quality
  • Continuously developing the design style guide based on new requirements from experts, developers or findings from usability and accessibility tests.

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